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JeanneRose-blog.com is about the art and uses of herbs and aromatics; bathing and Spa care; aromatherapy and essential oils. Each addition will discuss in detail one or two aspects of these subjects.  I discuss the history, background, naming, chemistry, properties, uses of each of the named herbs and oils as well as my personal use, how it fits into my background and maybe even a limerick or two.



ARNICA CO2 with Sunflower

Bergamot – fine skincare

Bruise Juice, the Healing Oil

Carnation, or Clove Pink – perfumery and uses

Clementine – the fruit and how to use it and the oil

Douglas-Fir – tree and essential oil in aromatherapy

Fuchsia – American medicine

HINOKI – cypress – essential oil and uses


Juniper berry ~ about the plant and the essential oil

Lemon ~ peel oil and fruit • Uses

Marjoram – a sweeter cousin to Oregano

NASTURTIUM – A garden plant with many uses.

Natural Perfumery at Home


Orange & Blood Orange oil and Uses – Includes Herbal uses

PINE & Pine Oil & Resin Uses

Ravintsara – a Confusing oil

Rose Oil – Uses of absolute, oil and herb

Rosemary – Herb and Essential oil – uses

Smell ~ Scent and Smelling

Turmeric – the herb, uses, and CO2 extract

Violets – Herbs and Perfume

Wintergreen ~ plant and oil background and uses.

Yuzu – To Scent and to Savor