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Jeanne Rose ~ Founded the first natural skin-care company, called New Age Creations, an outgrowth of her work as a custom designer of fashion from all-natural fabrics (since 1967). The company was based on the formulas she invented and then used in The Herbal Body Book and several follow-up works. An author of over 25 books and workbooks, she is the founding educator of both the Herbal Studies Course and the Aromatherapy Studies Course. She was the first to teach the art of the use of essential oils, wrote one of the earliest herbals and  aromatherapy books, Herbs & Things and The Aromatherapy Book; coined the word ‘hydrosol’ for the aromatic waters of distillation, and wrote the booklet, Distillation-How to and Art of Distillation for aroma practitioners. For over 50 years, Jeanne has practiced her personal ecology and philosophy of organically grown and locally sourced plants, foods, and fabrics.

She brings 50 years of experience and personal research into her practice of herbs and aromatherapy.  Jeanne Rose founded The Aromatic Plant Project (APP) —which encourages the production and use of American-grown essential oils and hydrosols. Jeanne Rose teaches all aspects of the aromatic arts, aromatherapy, and herbalism; as well as the Art of Distillation.

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  1. Hello Jeanne, thank you very much for all the contributions that you have provided us, in the plant world; I have all of your 📚, participated in one of your skin care classes and attended conferences that you were a speaker, 🥂 cheers – best to you always, Elizabeth Haengel

  2. Thank you for your life work on behalf of the plant world and your extensive contributions to furthering the knowledge and understanding of the art and science of aromatherapy. I am humbled by your generosity through this blog. Every post is a wealth of information.

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