The Healing Oil

HEALING OIL — The Secrets of Famous Bruise Juice Decoded
By Jeanne Rose

photo of various bottles that contain either Brise Juice or Calendula infused joil
Bruise Juice & Calendula Oil by Jeanne Rose

History of Bruise Juice – During 1969 I was trying to figure out how to cure my paralyzed shoulder. One source for historical herbal information was the library at the U.C. Medical School. There I found a most fascinating book, “Receipts in Physick and Chirurgery,” by Sir Kenelm Digby, Knight, 1668. There was a recipe for a potent ointment that would heal at a far distance. Well, that was certainly fascinating as it meant if you had an injury in New York I could rub the same place on me while in San Francisco and heal your injury 3000 miles away. So I set about collecting the ingredients and spent the next six months working on the formula. Since the receipt itself was so old, the names of many of the herbs were a mystery: such as what in heck was smallage? It turns out the name smallage is simply an old name for Celery seed. So that was not a problem. Also, the ointment was made with ‘herbs in season’. that is, freshly picked botanicals. This meant that I had to start in spring and end at the next spring. I solved this problem by purchasing some dried herbs from Nature’s Herb Company in San Francisco and also using some fresh herbs. The process and original formula is in my book, Herbs & Things that was written in 1969 and published in 1972.

This book is still available as a spiral bound book and is still a wonderful source of information. Buy it by the month of September and receive a discount by saving shipping charges. The entire amount to send would be only $28.00 .
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I teach my students how to make both bruise Juice and a truly wonderful Calendula infused oil in my Herbal/Aromatic SPA class given in April of every year. Check out our classes and sign up, you too can learn to take care of yourself and your family with simple herbs and essential oils.

I always use at least 40 – 60 herbs, roots, barks and spices in the Bruise Juice to combat any sort of physical problem. Great for athletes; football, baseball, lacrosse, basketball, rugby and used on all sports injuries Bruise Juice, pick and start work on a waxing moon. Let it drain and bottle on a waning moon.

Chart showing a number of herbs that can be used in making Bruise Juice.
Neutral-Eliminator-Building Herbs for Healing

Essential Oils per gallon • Each quart of Bruise Juice contains over 2.5% essential oil and should contain all or some of these oils. Tea Tree essential oil by itself is not effective.
Plai/Teatree – first aid in all its forms, mild, anti-bacterial, and first aid treatment
Litsea cubeba – anti-viral (in a combination — Tea Tree 1 part • Litsea •9 parts)
Palmarosa – anti-fungal and anti-yeast
Rosemary verbenone – anti-fungal (verbenone) and stimulating


           Some of the herbs that I have used are as follows – of course since this is a Seasonal product, the herbs used depend on the season that we are making the Bruise Juice. Spring Bruise Juice is often green, leaves and early flowers; Summer Bruise Juice is flowers and lots of herb parts; Fall Bruise Juice is leaves and roots; Winter Bruise Juice is often conifers, seeds and barks. We always use between 40-60 herbs, leaves, barks, roots, stems, and flowers in my Bruise Juice to honor its 400-year-old past.

Angelica archangelica – leaf & stem
Artemisia absinthium – Absinthe leaf
Artemisia arborescens – leaf & stem
Artemisia latiloba – leaf & stem
Artemisia vulgare – leaf & stem
Artichoke leaf – Cynara scolymus
Bougainvillea flowers & leaf
California Poppy flowers
California Fuchsia
Comfrey – flower, leaf & stem
Fennel Seed
Fern (Lady Fern) Athyrium filix-femina
Feverfew Tanacetum parthenium
Forget-Me-Not Myosotis sylvatica
Foxglove flowers
Giant Sequoia – Sequoiadendron giganteum
Iboza riparia – leaf & stem (anti-microbial)
Lemon Balm – leaf & stem
Marjoram & Yellow Marjoram – Origanum majorana
Marshmallow leaf & stem – Althea officinalis
Matilija Poppy Romneya coulteri – Fried egg flower
Mint leaf & steam of Bergamot mint, Wild mint

  Healing Symbol

Nasturtium Tropaeolum majus – flower, leaf & stem
Nicotiana alata Tobacco flower –
    flower, leaf & stem
Pelargonium graveolens – flower & stem
Pelargonium odoratissimum
(Apple & nutmeg) Peppermint leaf & stem
Potato Solanum tuberosum – leaf
Rose eglanteria leaf
Rosemary – leaf & stem
Salvia clevelandii
Pineapple Sage – leaf & stem
Sequoiadendron giganteum – leaf & bark
Spanish mint – leaf & stem
Spearmint – leaf & stem
Strawberry, wild
Violet leaf & stem & flowers
Wisteria flower – W. sinensis
Witch Hazel bark, stems, buds
Woodruff leaf
Yarrow flower & stem (Achillea millefolium)

photos of plants, 9 of the many herbs that are used in bruise juice.

Bruise Juice is a well-known product developed by Jeanne Rose in 1969. It was written about & described in Herbs & Things, Jeanne Rose’s Herbal – see pages 204-206. Each season of the year, the Bruise Juice is made with the freshest herbs of the season – so Spring Bruise Juice will smell and react a bit different than Summer made or Fall made Bruise Juice. Apply with fingers, cotton ball, t-tip as massage, application or rub. Rub it on gently or firmly, as often as necessary, at least several times per day.

Summer 2008 — made with herbs including
Comfrey leaf – emollient & healing
Yarrow flowers – astringent & healing
Lemon Balm tops – aromatic & antiviral
Mint & Bergamot mint – aromatic
Witch Hazel leaves – astringent
Marshmallow flowers and leaves – healing

BLM, the warrior,  with his combat vehicle.
Bruise Juice Warrior, Bryan Moore
Chart listing 101 Uses for the Healing Oil, also called "Bruise Juice".


We have many users of the fabulous Bruise Juice with comments and here is one,

“I received the bottle of Bruise Juice. Thank you!! I have been using it by application religiously each morning & evening. It is a wonderful formulation. I love the scent! If you have that scent in a more concentrated formula as a fragrance application I would like to know. Warm regards … J” In the early days, people used this on salad as dressing, but this is the first time that anyone wanted to use it as a scent!

“I gave blood on Saturday.  The tech person poked through the vein and it immediately swelled bigger than my thumb.  When I got home, I put bruise juice on it, liberally.  There was almost no bruising, and today I can
hardly see it at all.  The other arm they finally got the pint out of is more bruised that the arm that swelled!  Good stuff!” — E.T.


Bruise Juice is always good applied on children’s injuries and even when those children grow up to be Warriors.

bottle of the healing oil called Bruise Juice
Healing Comfrey in the Bruise Juice


Symbol for Healing

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  1. I love bruise juice and have make it with you in our class. I miss your classes. Next week I will co-distill Artemisias (Ludoviciana, Vulgare, Camphora).
    Greetings from Switzerland.

  2. I have taken this class with Jeanne, as well as purchased her famous bruise juice. I love the way it feels, heals, and smells when I put it on. It inspired me to start making my own batch for family & friends. I enjoyed the process of making it from what I grow. It also helped me to relearn various uses of those plants, as I built a formula with what was available each season.

Thank you for reading and your comments.